Featured Author: Tanja Huston

Tanja Huston, is a wife, mother, speaker, author and cancer survivor who has a passion for coaching, mentoring and inspiring others to embrace their strengths in difficult times.

Through the eyes of children, life's challenges are not always easy to understand.  But, through Tanja's books, children find hope for a better tomorrow with a little help from family and friends.

In Tanja's first book, Juju's Big Surprise, Juju finds himself sharing the spotlight with others - not always an easy task for children.  Her second book, "No Playing Frisbee Today,"   centers on Juju's mommy having cancer.  Juju realizes that what happens in life can be scary and not always easy to understand.

Tanja is an author of two children's books, has an MBA from Webster University and lives in St. Louis.

As a cancer survivor, Tanja has a renewed look on life.  Tanja often says, "I leave a legacy of storytelling and mentoring others.  My hope is to truly make a difference in the lives of our future - our children - by sharing hope and faith through my books."

Meet Juju: